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Transformational Life Coaching: How to Do It Right

Have you ever wondered what transformational life coaching is all about? Simply put, it’s a process that helps you lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Think about people who feel unaccomplished and lost, who lack direction and purpose. They often feel depressed and frustrated, unable to see a way forward. This is where a transformational life coach comes in, offering a pathway to real transformation and growth.

The International Coach Federation conducted a study on the impact of best life coaching and found that people who underwent this type of coaching and implemented life coach tools reported impressive results. Some of these results include smarter goal-setting, a more balanced life, lower stress levels, increased self-confidence, enhanced communication skills, project completion, and improvement in the quality of work. These findings highlight the effectiveness of personal life coaches in improving various aspects of one’s life, both personally and professionally.

Unlike therapy, which focuses on specific issues, personal life coach tackles all aspects of development, enabling individuals and groups to transform themselves into their best selves. With the help of a skilled transformational coach, you can rewrite your reality, eliminate self-defeating thought patterns, and replace them with optimism and self-confidence.

transformational life coach

Be your own life coach

Did you know that you can be your own life coach? And as a matter of fact, you already are.

That’s right! Even if you don’t have a life coaching certificate, you’ve been coaching yourself your entire life. Remember when you were a kid and had to figure out how to get back on the playground after falling off the climbing bars and scraping your knees? That was you coaching yourself. Later in life, when you had to pick yourself up after a tough breakup, that was also self-coaching. You’ve been using your inner wisdom and experiences to make choices that are best for you.

Self-coaching can take on many forms, like coming up with an action plan, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, reading a self-help book, or taking a night class. These are the types of activities that you would do with a professional contracted coach, but working through them on your own means you’re already doing some self-coaching.

Having a life coach can be an extremely helpful tool in figuring out how to become your own life coach. By working with a transformational life coach, you can learn how to eliminate fears and doubts that might hold you back and gain the self-confidence needed to become your own best coach. Life coach service is a great place to start.

Hire a life coach

Transformational coaching is for anyone who wants to become their best self and reach their full potential. If you’re curious about what life coach best practices can do for you, here are some reasons to consider it:

A mirror to your blind spot

Just like a car driver needs a rearview mirror to avoid accidents, top life coaches can help you see the patterns in your behavior that are sabotaging your personal and professional life. By identifying and addressing these patterns, you can change your results and stop feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

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Gain clarity

If you’re feeling lost and stuck, a coach for life can act like a GPS and guide you through the different possibilities in your life. With their help, you can get crystal clear on your next move and avoid wasting time going in the wrong direction.

Gain mental and emotional mastery skills

Your mind and emotions are like your phone’s operating system, and your behavior is like the apps. By upgrading your mental and emotional skill set, you will be able to handle challenges better, solve bigger problems, and take on more responsibility.

Accountability partner

A life skills coach can be your accountability partner and help you stay on track. If you struggle with procrastination or find it challenging to be accountable to yourself, life coaching services can help you beat procrastination and achieve your goals faster.


Your family and friends may be biased at times and not always give you honest feedback. A life purpose coach, on the other hand, can tell you the truth, even if it’s tough to hear. By seeing what you don’t want to see and hearing what you don’t want to hear – you can start to be who you’ve always known you could be.

Are you ready to become your best self and hire a life coach?

Let me help you with your life or career

It’s time to stop only thinking ‘’I need a life coach’’ and start taking the steps in finding the right person to help you with personal development life coaching. So, are you looking for life coach? You are at the right place.

With my experience in NGOs, public, and business sectors, I also have a life coaching certificate and have gained life coaching qualifications through various coaching programs and institutes. My life coaching success depends on my diverse tool kit, which includes personal development life coaching, career life coaching, business and life coaching, and group life coaching.

As a transformational life coach, I specialize in working with clients to create change in their life by focusing on their internal processes and personal growth. By asking key questions such as “Who Am I At My Best?” – I guide clients to uncover their hidden resources and become the best version of themselves. My success as a life coach is based on empowering people to take on bigger challenges and solve bigger problems in their personal and professional life.

Whether you are looking to hire a personal life coach for yourself or as a life coach for professionals, my life coach career has given me lots of experience so that I can help in different circumstances and situations. My ability to connect with people, hold a safe space for clients to explore their vision, and use creative and diverse tools to support their growth, is what sets me apart. With my experience coaching people in Estonia and abroad, I am confident that I can provide you with the best life coaching experience possible. Let me help you with your life or career!

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Difference between life coaching and transformational coaching

There are different types of life coaches. Let’s look at the differences between a life coach and a transformational coach. 

What is life coach? A life coach is someone who will work with you to identify specific goals and then help you achieve them. They may have a life coaching certificate, a life coach degree,  qualifications, and years of experience in the field. Life coaching can be great for people who need help with their career life coaching or personal development life coaching. 

On the other hand, a transformational life coach will help you explore your deep underlying root causes and overcome them. They’ll encourage you to challenge your limiting beliefs, change your perspective, and expand your mindset. This type of coaching isn’t just about achieving short-term goals – it’s about making long-lasting changes that will improve your overall quality of life.

Life coach description

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A life coach is a trained professional who helps individuals achieve specific goals in any area of their lives. Think of them as your personal cheerleader, motivator, and accountability partner, all rolled into one! That is the best way to summarise the life coaching description. 

Unlike a transformational coach, a life coach typically uses a structured approach to help clients achieve their goals. The process typically involves identifying your vision and setting specific, measurable goals for a particular area of your life. Then, your coach will assess your current position, compare it to your desired position, and identify any obstacles that may be standing in your way.

Some popular techniques used by life coaches include visualizations, affirmations, journaling, and guided meditations. These tools can help you stay focused, motivated, and on track as you work towards achieving your goals.

Life coaching certificate

Not all paths lead to equal knowledge, skills, and abilities to create a desired change in your clients’ lives or even make you ready for a life coaching career. This is why life coach certification is crucial in ensuring you gain the required knowledge and training to coach clients professionally. It is a process of obtaining the skills and expertise to help clients transform their lives. Keep in mind, a certification proves to potential clients and employers that you are a trusted expert with the required knowledge and confidence to help transform their lives.

Based on your needs, vision, goals and personality type.