About me

A coach with an open heart, in flow and in a light way, which empowers people, improves their relationships with themselves and the people around them, makes feeling enlightened, arise of awareness, and steps towards a better and more fulfilling life.

I am an active person who juggles many different roles – woman with her own dreams and aspiration, wife over 16 years together, mother of 2 kids aged 5 and 8 and a business owner running my own coaching business.

Tailor-made coaching involves creating a coaching program based on the client’s needs, vision, goals, and personality type. Together with the client, I develop a customized plan that includes an accountability partnership, enabling the client to achieve their desired progress, goals, and feelings.

Diverse tool kit: I have gained a diverse coaching tool kit in my Coaching studies at International Supervision and Coaching Institute, Mindvalley Certified Life Coach program, Systemic Coaching and Constellation training for teams and individuals, SAS Circling program, FICHO Institute (Dance Alchemy Academy), and certification in adult training.

Superpowers: connecting with people, holding a safe space where people can feel comfortable and easily connect with themselves and their vision, and using creative and diverse tools to support clients’ growth, clarity and actions; empowering people; Believing in people – their strengths, resources, vision, and actions etc.

In Estonia: Coaching sessions by walking in nature, give new perspectives and activates body and mind to think out of the box.

International experience: I did a high school exchange year in Germany. During my history studies, I did half a year in Berlin with the Erasmus program. In addition, I volunteered for six weeks in Romania to teach soft skills to high school students.

coach for life

Based on your needs, vision, goals and personality type.